Awesome 16 in 1 multifunctional knife Nextool Flagship Pro, the perfect solution to everyday needs

Why is it called Pro?
As the latest generation of the launch of the multi-tool knife, the upgrade is obvious, the naked eye is the tool knife contains a full-size shear head, compared to the previous generation of 10 in 1, this leap forward to 16 in 1, a collection of shear head and multi-function pliers powerful functional characteristics, to deal with the daily needs of life tools more comprehensive.
We got and used the Pro version of the multifunctional knife directly, for the previous generation of products do not have too much understanding, but see the 16 in 1 configuration, you can perceive its difference. Good practical products do not need too many words to describe, the implementation to the specific use of the use of natural can find good is good. Analysis of 16 in 1, it seems nothing, is not a variety of tools integrated together, in fact, the more you can integrate more functions in one, the higher the requirements of industrial technology and precision level.
Craftsmanship to create a domestic industrial boutique – Nato multifunctional knife, the implementation of the practical, carry only need to carry it, it is equivalent to bring 16 tools, home and abroad are no problem! 16 in 1, precision level combination of body Although I am not a crazy fan of Swiss Army knife/pliers, the personal feeling of Battleship Pro is still very good, the pliers head is made of 30Cr13 stainless steel casting with high carbon content, both High strength high hardness and wear resistance characteristics, can ensure solid durability.

What does the 16-in-1 look like?
Nauto multifunctional tool knife overall feels the surface texture similar to frosting, the color scheme retains the silver color of the stainless steel itself, looks low-key connotation, large sharp knife, multifunctional pliers, the overall assembly precision, high strength and high hardness, no false position.
Although the collection of multi-functional, but the size of the ultimate compact, only 11cm in the closed state, weighing only 245g, coupled with the hook design, easy to carry.
Unique mechanical structure to achieve full-size large scissors function will be broken down the whole, you can first see equipped with a large scissors, the use of tool pliers handle as a scissors handle, this is also a major improvement in this PRO version, compared to the previous generation of scissors size has been increased to achieve the full-size large scissors function, open and close freely, I believe it is also to meet more people like the grip, easy to use when saving energy, whether Paper, fabric or rope can be easily cut.

Multifunctional pliers, a collection of practical tools a pliers integrated with multiple pliers function, equivalent to a variety of pliers in one, a pliers subdivision out of the pliers have pointed pliers, standard pliers, wire cutters, hard-wire pliers, thick wire pliers, and other functions, different pliers have its value.
Pointed pliers can be used to twist wire or screw small diameter nuts; standard pliers is the standard nut jaws, mainly used to screw the diameter of nuts greater than 4mm; wire cutter pliers using YG8 hardness alloy material, hardness greater than HRA86, can directly cut the diameter of 2.5mm BVR wire; hardwire pliers are also the same YG8 hardness alloy material, can directly cut the diameter of 1.6mm steel wire; thick wire pliers can Cut the diameter of 2.5mm steel wire. It can be said that the design of the pliers is very precise, can be a variety of pliers function to merge in one, while not interfering with each other.

Speaking of which, in order for you to better understand the official terminology I mentioned, it is necessary to explain what is meant by 30Cr13, YG8, BVR, and HRA86?
According to the information I collected for you to understand, 30Cr13 is a martensitic stainless steel grade, the new national standard called 30Cr13, commonly understood is the strength of very hard stainless steel, 30 refers to the steel contains 30 parts per million of carbon, that is, 0.3%, Cr13 refers to the Cr13%, 30Cr13 is mainly used for high strength components, as well as in the high-stress load and in a certain Corrosive media in the work of the wear parts. YG8 is a tungsten-cobalt material, which has good wear resistance, very high strength, and impact toughness, commonly understood as strong hardness and good durability.
BVR refers to the name of a class of wire, is a kind of distribution cabinet special soft wire, also called secondary wire, using copper-core PVC insulation soft wire, its application in fixed wiring requires soft occasions.
HRA86 in HRA is the hardness obtained by using 60kg load and diamond cone indenter for extremely hard materials (such as cemented carbide, etc.), 86 refers to the grade of hardness.

Life’s small tools, as in the Nextool multifunctional knife among the pliers and scissors occupy more than half of the space and weight of the entire pliers and shears, the designer’s ingenuity comes into play here, more small tools can be set in, the entire tool blank stuffed, while the precision of the examination, different tools can be used between the convenience of separate use, will not cause interference.

The main knife, using the pincer handle as the handle, the knife body can be drawn from the pincer handle, the material used is 50Cr15Mov synthetic steel, hardness reached HRC55, both sides are open-edged, very sharp, at home you can peel fruit, outdoor you can cut branches and other roles.
Wood saw, also embedded in the pincer handle, the pincer handle as a handle to provide support, bimodal staggered saw teeth design, providing double the cutting capacity, can easily cut 20mm pinewood directly, a saw straight down, without leaving a scar.

Glass impactor, a nano-ceramic bead, rounded without a tip, hardness second only to diamond, can easily shatter tempered car window glass, it is set in the bottom of the pliers handle, very small, it is difficult to detect without knowing the situation.
Crossed screwdriver and rope cutter into one, very clever to cut the rope cutter side of the refinement to create the shape of a crossed screwdriver, making the function of the rope cutter has increased the characteristics of screwing, sickle-type rope cutter is also very sharp, can easily isolate the rope, netting, car seat belts, etc., can also be used as a bottle opener.
Crossed screwdriver is not an individual, but still able to withstand the torque of will not be damaged, tightening and loosening screws are no problem.
Bottle opener and a word screwdriver are also combined into one, can be used as a word screwdriver, can also be used as a bottle / can opener, as a word screwdriver can withstand torque without damage, tightening and loosening a word slot screw is not a problem;.
The side of the bottle opener is made of 420J2 synthetic steel with hardness greater than HRC50, which can easily cut through metal can caps and open bottle lids. The hexagonal wrench and spoke wrench also exist as a single unit, also embedded in the pliers handle, as a single unit, can also be easily taken out for use.
The measuring tape, concealed in the pliers handle, can be unfolded to provide both measurement and as one of the handles of the scissors.

The Nextool multifunctional knife tool integration approach uses the pliers and scissors as the main body to extend more small tools, and the pliers handle is the carrier of this multifunctional tool.
16 in 1 multi-function from the pliers handle, as the main handle of the multi-function pliers, it can also be used as full-size scissors, the main knife, wood saw handle, the important thing is that these three gadgets are folded in the pliers handle, while the combined cross screwdriver and rope cutter, bottle / can opener and a screwdriver, hexagonal wrench and spoke wrench such small size tools are also folded in the pliers handle, the glass impactor is directly embedded in the bottom of the pliers handle, seemingly inconspicuous, but also plays an important role in an emergency, is an essential tool for escape in an emergency.

Multifunctional pliers and shears open by two fixed screws slide unfolded, in a certain sense of damping, stretching process is very natural, through the handle can show all the gadgets.
Multifunctional tools in life is indeed very rare, bulky single tools to take out are too much trouble, let alone say bring 16 tools, Nextool multifunctional knife can be said to be the life version of the cold weapon, male users will be more favorable, in this exquisite compact appearance, but also comes with wearable plus buckle, casual carry, within reach, home and outdoor is a good helper.

Precision manufacturing, high standards of high-quality Nato 16 in 1 multifunctional knife, manufacturing conditions are very harsh, invested 20 million yuan production line only to do 0.04mm precision control, reduce the probability of inaccurate assembly resulting in bite deviation, to ensure that the functional components assembled more refined and durable.
The use of 2 polishing processes, 65 parts, 294 processes, it is evident that in every detail of the production of the product is meticulous, every link in the strict control of quality.

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